Firewall In Computer Security Advantage Of Firewall In Network Security


Hi Friends! Welcome Back What Are The Firewall Of Searching For You? If yes then read this post till the end because we have the advantages of firewall? Will try to tell about it. Friends, if we tell you in personal life what is the firewall? So this is a wall that stops fire. If a wall of a room is made of firewall, then firewall prevents you from coming inside the room if there is a fire outside the room. Firewall prevents fire from going out of the room if the fire is inside the room. I.e. Firewall gives us double security.
Firewall In Computer Security Advantage Of Firewall In Network Security

What is a firewall?

If we talk about Firewall in the computer world, then this is such a protection when you are doing something online on the computer like You are on a website, downloading an audio-video online or sending someone to the mail So the time that Data comes into our computer, Firewall prevents that data which contains unwanted files, Virus, Malware, Unwanted App. This means that only the files we need are able to enter our computer. So such a firewall keeps a protective wall around our computer.
Just like the other, if any virus in our computer has come from Malware, then if your computer is connected to a Local Area Network, then Virus, Malware Connected does not spread to another computer. Firewall prevents him from spreading. So that the computer does not spread Virus or Malware. check out eBay offer and where is my phone

Types of firewall

  • Hardware Base Firewall
  • Software Base Firewall |

What is Hardware Firewall?

Hardware Firewall is currently inbuilt in WiFi Modem. If Firewall is inbuilt in your WiFi Router, all the devices that you connect to that WiFi Router will be protected by Firewall. This Hardware Base Firewall does this when you use the Internet, which sends data from your computer to the server of the website, then Firewall adds the ID of your network with that data. From when the server of the website sends data to your computer, then the Firewall verifies that the data is not the same as the ID of your network. If ID matches, then Firewall will allow your data to be accessed by the computer if the data does not have a Network ID, then Firewall will not allow it to run on the computer. Filters even before arrival.

What is a Software Firewall?

Friends, if we talk about Software Base Firewall, then is this one inbuilt firewall on your computer? Those By Default are already in all operating systems like-: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, they also work as Same Hardware Base Firewall. Software Base Firewall does another thing that if Virus, Malware has come in from any of our computers, it prevents it from going to the Connected Computer in the Local Area. If you do not have an Inbuilt Firewall option in your computer, then there is a lot of free Anti-Virus in the Market like: QuickHeal, Notron, Avast, NetQueen etc., is the option of Firewall.

Advantages of Firewall?

This firewall monitors the Running Process in your computer to see what an application is doing. If an application repeatedly unwanted Read-Write, it detects the Windows Firewall as Wrong Activity and then on your Computer Screen Popup shows that this application is doing a Wrong Activity in your system then you can manually block it. Is there.

Friends, so many of the Malicious Sites and Online Attacker are rising in today's time so we need to have Inbuilt Firewall in the computer. Because Safe Browsing requires a firewall, it should not be that you are downloading movies from Internet and due to not being a firewall, no unwanted software will be downloaded.
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