iPhone X Price and Full Specification (Apple did not tell about iPhone X)

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X: Hello friend today we are sharing some secret of Apple iPhone mobile. Apple did not tell you about these iPhone X. So, we explain full information about iPhone X. you known iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and all device you know but iPhone X does not tell you apple company. iPhone X price in India, which provide a lot of amazing and cool feature, facility and functionality. 

Do you know what special features of Apple's most advanced phone iPhone X have? Due to the components of the iPhone, this sale has increased a lot. According to recent reports, some important components have been provided in the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Everyone knows that Apple never tells your iPhone's battery, RAM, and other details and specification. So let's tell you what Apple's new iPhone X is special.
iPhone X Price and Full Specification (Apple did not tell about iPhone X)
iPhone X
The iPhone X has a completely different original design. According to reports, its logic board has been significantly reduced. The capacity of its small logic board space is quite high. The density of its connectors and components is phenomenal. Even the Apple Watch board is quite insecure in front of it. It is said that the iPhone X's motherboard is just 70% of the size of the motherboard of the iPhone 8. Due to its being smaller it provides extra space for the battery.

Apple has given its iPhone X two batteries for the first time. There are two L shaped batteries in the iPhone X. The company has shortened its logic board for the space of these batteries.

In the previous iPhone, the display driver IC was being used by Renesas and Synaptics. It is being said that Samsung's OLED display driver has been introduced for the first time in the iPhone X. Apart from this, the iPhone X is the first Apple phone to use in which the OLED screen display is used. virus remover , Whatsapp chat backup

According to recent reports, the iPhone X has a RAM of 3x6 RAM of Hynix RAM. Apart from this, Toshiba's 64GB of flash storage is available. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have been given the baseband chips of Intel XMM7480. These three phones have also used RF transceivers, Intel PMB5757. It is being said that the iPhone X has used Sony's leading image sensors of Japan's electronic company.

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