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PlayStation 4 Pro Hello friend, today we explain what is " PlayStation 4 ". PlayStation 4 pro is one gaming brand. Using Play...

PlayStation 4 Pro Full Information And Price

PlayStation 4 Pro

Hello friend, today we explain what is "PlayStation 4". PlayStation 4 pro is one gaming brand. Using PlayStation 4 you can play four video game consoles and media center. The line of control, one mobile phone and two handhelds and also multiple magazines. The owner of PlayStation 4 pro bundle is sony interactive entertainment. in 3 Dec. 1994. The official game consol iin the series was the first game to give 100 million unit, always work approximate 9 years. The PlayStation network provides online service in worldwide. Playstation store is allowed to download video game and multimedia files. 

The PlayStation 4 is an eight generation video gaming. The wait of a game lover is over. on Wednesday, Sony company launched PlayStation 4 in India. on this occasion, we have been able to operate it by operating its risk. although it is considered to be the best game console ever made by Sony, you will have to spend Rs 39,990 to enjoy it. The PlayStation 4 game console will be sold in India from 6 January. if you want to PlayStation 4 pro then you can still make a pre-booking.
PlayStation 4

Stronghold of strong hardware

Sony PlayStation 4 includes 8 core AMD Jaguar CPU and 500 GB hard drive. There is a built-in Blu-ray drive that can enhance the dosage of your entertainment even further. This time Sony has introduced DolchShock 4 wireless controller through which efforts have been made to make Gaming Experience more dynamic. When we played 'Kilzon' on it, more smoothing was seen than the old consoles. The sensitivity of the wireless controller is amazing, it may take some time for new gamers to fully understand it. The controller's grip is better than ever and there is a control in every curve.

Fun with Social Experience

Through this, gamers can also share their game with real-time streaming in the form of 'Internet' and 'Twitch' with the help of internet streaming services, which their friends can also comment on. The sharing of social media through social networking has become easier. Your score or active feed can be shared through this console. We also shared our score and the video which was quite a busy experience, but in the presence of many users, there is a log-in hassle over the console.

Stay Connected

There are options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet port and USB 3.0 port for connectivity in PlayStation 4. Along with this, Sony has also introduced special attachments that make Experience richer. It's special to have a camera, which recognizes your face and also does interactive work. When we tried the camera options, it looked perfect to the shocking extent. Because of the great graphics of games, the characters seem to talk to you. You will have to spend Rs 4,990 extra for this camera. At present, Soni has launched a total of 20 games in the market according to PlayStation 4, with the help of the third party, apart from 'NAC' and 'Kilojon: Shadow Falls Paste' games.

The PlayStation 4 was launched this year on November 15 in the US. According to Sony, it has sold 21 lakh PlayStation 4 consoles within three weeks. The company claimed that 10 million consoles were sold on the day of launch. The company has planned to sell 5 million consoles up to March 2014. Sony will also release PlayStation 4 to its home market in February next year.

Released date

  • PlayStation : 3 December 1994
  • PlayStation 2: 2000
  • PlayStation 3: 17 november 2006
  • PlayStation 4: 6 January

Playstation 4  accessories 

  • USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cable
  • Mono Headset
  • Wireless DualShock 
  • 500GB Internal storage
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