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What is SEO Hello guys, today we explain full information about SEO ( Search engine optimization ). These new bloggers continue in the m...

What is SEO? And What is On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

What is SEO

Hello guys, today we explain full information about SEO ( Search engine optimization ). These new bloggers continue in the minds of those who become old in this work, they understand its nuances.If you want to earn money from your website, then it is important that you can not earn money from your site without having good traffic on your website, your online business or Affiliate marketing or Adsense to earn money from all these It is important that you do not have anything to do with traffic on your website, and if you want to accelerate traffic and revenue on your website, SEO will help you. So let's understand what is SEO?
What is SEO? ( On Page SEO And Off Page SEO )
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What is SEO?

The complete form of SEO was easy to understand but now you have to understand the most important thing, if it is to say in simple words, what is the combination of SEO from the search engine. How it is connected to this is easy to understand when it comes to your blog / website Submitted in search engines such as: Google, yahoo, bing, SEO is the result of showing your post by keywords on their first page. Why it is important to come to the first page of Google and other search engines

This question is very special because all your conversations stop because of the same question, so first thing is that when your post appears on the first page of Google's first page, it will increase your traffic and this will increase your traffic. The revenue will increase which will increase your earnings

Now you have understood these things, but now the most understandable thing is that how to get to the first position of the first page? So let's know about it first thing that your website should be seo friendly because Google's website is the first page to find out which websites are seo friendly. If your website is not seo friendly then search engines will ignore your website due to which traffic will not come to your site, then you will not be able to apply Google adsense ads or affiliate link on your site.

you will need uniqe visitors who will be able to come only because of seo because the one who wants the same needs to do the same.

Type of SEO

  • On page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
As I had already told you that there are two types of search engine optimization, first on page seo and second off page seo Now let's understand a little bit about how to do both if you have on page seo and off page seo If you do it well then no one can stop your website ranking from growing.

On Page SEO

Why the speed of the website is important

When it comes to any user on your website is open your website in terms of its network speed and such would have to take your site over time if slow network 20-25 seconds sender does it not wait and she goes And Google also likes fast loading sites. Now that users have is not so much time that page load then 5-7 seconds could wait Kosice that to your website fast load ho sake is.
What is SEO? ( On Page SEO And Off Page SEO )

How to Speed up Blogger / Wordpress -

Never select a theme that has more heavier than that.
Never use more widgets on your blog
While uploading the image, upload it as small as possible.
Do not use more plugins on Wordpress
Use W3 Total cache on Wordpress to have some similar plugins

Website Navigations

Keep the navigation of your site in such a way that there is no problem visiting any visitor and Google from one page to another.

Tips for creating good Title tag

Do not use Word more than 65 words in Title, because Google does not show more than 65 words in Google.

Alt Tag

Alt tag When you put a photo on your post, alt tags are used, it helps to bring traffic to your website. When someone searches on Google, they get traffic on your site. So do the alt tag. Like what is SEO?

Heading, keywords and Content

Heading: While writing a post you should always use H1 to post headings and use H2 for the rest of the sub heading and use your focus keyword in heading 2

Keyword: Use your focus keywords while writing a post and make the necessary words bold or italic so that Google can know that there is a necessary word here and this also attracts the attention of your visitors, using the focus keywor Keep in mind that if this does not happen more then Google will accept it as negative.

Content: These three are most important because of SEO's look, because of the increase of your page and website from these three, come whenever you write a post, keep in mind that your post should be of minimum 500-800 words and if You can do more than this, and the better thing is, the more words the better it will be.

Off Page SEO

So far, you have learned how to do on-page optimization now learn how to tell off-page Seo in which I will tell you some important tips that will create backlings of your site and others will increase visiters on your site and alexa rank is also good So far you have only worked on your site, now you talk a little bit outside.
What is SEO? ( On Page SEO And Off Page SEO )

Guest posting: Friends of page is best in seo Guest post In this post you post on a similar site like yours, so that visitors increase and second you get a dofollow backlink from there

Directory Submissions: In this you can submit your website to your website in popular high PR directories.

Bookmarking: submit your site URL or your own posting on a bookmarking website

Social media: Sharing your site's common name on Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, or making a page on Facebook to share your post on it.

Search Engine Submission: Submit your site to your website in search engines like Google, yahoo, bing Check out Motivational Quotes and How to start a business

Blog Commenting: Comment on similar sites/posts like yours with your post url

" Final Words...

Now complete article of SEO. we share all about SEO related contain. I hope you understand all thing of SEO. So, learn What is SEO and On page SEO / Off Page SEO and rank your website in google first page. if you have question related SEO then simply put your question in comment box. Thank you...